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    Siemens 808D Advanced New Tool Edge problem

    I have set up many NEW TOOL EDGES in the tool list on my CNC lathe using the Siemens 808D Advanced Control BUT when I use the same method to make a new tool edge on my milling machine using the same Siemens 808D Advanced Controls I end up getting this alarm #17184.

    I have a column in the mills tool list of "H" I do not know what this is or what it is for

    Is this what is causing the alarm code?


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    Re: Siemens 808D Advanced New Tool Edge problem

    ...this might help ya

    G codes for tool length compensation

    Tool length compensation uses three G codes -- G43, G44, and G49 -- plus the H codes.

    The H code tells the control which length offset value to use, when length compensation is active (as selected by G43 or G44). Generally, the H code is the same as the tool number. I.e. if you are using tool 4, you would include H4 in the G codes, telling the control to look up the tool length on line 4 of the offset library.

    G43 tells the control to begin applying length compensation, by adding the current length offset (selected by the H code) to all Z axis positions.

    G44 is a rarely-used alternative to G43. It tells the control to begin applying tool length compensation, by subtracting the current length offset from all Z axis positions. In this scheme, larger length offset numbers identify shorter tools (as if they were measured from the table up rather than from the spindle down). G44 is not compatible with the tool measuring methods built into Centroid's offset library.

    G49 tells the control to stop applying length compensation.

    H0 is a special H code. It specifies a length offset value of zero, meaning that no offset will be applied even if G43 is active. Therefore the line

    G49 H0

    is actually redundant, since either G49 or H0 alone would effectively cancel length compensation.

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