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    Siemens 808DA - Read-in enable missing

    Hi all,

    Out of the blue during a tool change I received “read-in enable missing” error.

    Basically the atc swapped from one tool but when it grabs the next one it engages the pull stud and then doesn’t move, the atc fails to move back, and doesn’t register that it has a tool in the spindle.

    A google search seems to show that it may be a sensor not reading properly.

    I did a startup reset which not only didn’t fix the problem, but now my spindle doesn’t orient to the current angle for a tool change, it now orientates to 101° instead of 174°.

    Any help is hugely appreciated.

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    Re: Siemens 808DA - Read-in enable missing


    In the 808DA you can see the PLC ladder in real time (Under the system settings menus). You can check and see which sensors are working and which are not.

    It is likely there is some sensor which has gone loose or stopped working which is causing this issue.

    As for spindle orientation, that would usually be a parameter which might have changed. Is your spindle a belt drive or direct drive? If its a belt drive, check if your belt is slipping. If your spindle has a gear ratio, there would be a proximity for reference which might be out of position.

    If its a direct drive, check if either side of the spindle to motor coupling has gone loose, although I would assume this being unlikely..

    Best regards


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