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Thread: Sign

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    I have a sign to produce but my cnc machine is too small to fit the size. Looking for someone that might be able to machine it for me. Already have the wood sized, just need someone with a larger machine, at least 4x8. I'm using Aspire for CAD program for my files. I'm located in north central Massachusetts. If you might be able to help let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Sign


    Depending on your particular machine and the work at hand it may be possible that you do it in your machine in two passes.

    It may be possible to make a wooden slide table where you could place your workpiece and then do half of it and then the other half.

    It´s an idea.

    Given due distances when quilting sometimes we are required to combine two patterns in the same fabric We do that by processing one after the other. While difficult it is possible. I don´t know, perhaps you can do the same.


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    Re: Sign

    I tried that in previous projects but I wasn't happy with the results. Like you mentioned, difficult. So I was trying to find someone near me.

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