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    Simple Software to render CNC path

    I'm getting started with CNC I have Arduino based CNC controller modules like GBRL (and some others) I also have Planet CNC module

    I watched some videos to create routing path with FreeCAD that looks really complicated, I want someone recommend me some simpler choice to get started.
    For now I want to cut wood with very simple shapes designed with InkScape or FreeCAD

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    Re: Simple Software to render CNC path

    all CAM programs have a degree of complexity. I have heard FreeCAD has a learning curve which might put people off.

    Try Fusion 360. Its free to hobbyists and startups with some restrictions, and Autodesk have provided a large array of videos for beginner users.
    What's the harm in trying? Its free after all.


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    Re: Simple Software to render CNC path

    Carbide Create Is a simple to start with. I think they have a free version for 2D.

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