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    single axis controller question

    I am looking into building a single stepper machine to automate a reloading press. Essentially I need the stepper to run a certain number of steps at a slow speed and then pause. then with a button press run more to complete the cycle of the machine. preferably there would be a remote mounted button(s) at the machine. has anyone used one of these st-pmc1 single axis controllers. I was looking for the manual but did not see it online. it looks like it should work

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    Re: single axis controller question

    I have not used that one, .. it looks like it might be even more complicated than it needs to be.

    I've used quite a few of these: https://www.amazon.com/Stepper-Contr...9961818&sr=8-2

    They work very well compared to the other ones I have tried. While you can not control the actual number of steps, you can locate a limit switch to temporarily stop where you want, then continue easy enough. I've mostly used these to create simple power feed systems, and with the right method of switching, they are super controllable.

    For example, I have used a speed pot with built in off switch like an older radio's volume control works. By turning it on, it becomes armed, and with increased turning of the pot, the faster it runs. A simple fwd/reverse switch allows you to change directions with a nice comfortable ramp.

    One could also not use a pot in a LIVE type scenario, but use it to SET a desired speed, and just uses switches to stop/start.

    If you search for DKC-1A on Amazon, I think you can find these for under $15. I love them.... I even bought spares for fun projects.
    Chris L

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