After digging in the forums and a lot of engraving frustrations I made a little php page to so solve my lack of single line fonts problem. I like to use CorelDraw for the drawings and wanted to have an 'easy' way to get single line fonts in my designs.

The webpage works as following:
- you select a font
- you type your text
- generate plt data
- copy paste the data into a .plt file
- import into CorelDraw

The only problem is the creation of the fonts, every character needs it's .plt file. Therefor I made a description on how to create a font so everybody with little skills can help and create their own font.
When I receive a working font I upload it to the webpage and it becomes available for everyone.
I'm not planning to make money out of the program but I'll only keep developping it when there's enough animo. So it will always be free and everybody will have access to every font.

Last but not least, at the moment I'm hosting the page on one of my websites :

Tell me what you think about the concept and feel free to help me developping fonts!