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    Sinumerik 810m/820m/880m/850m drip feed (DTR) how to

    Hello everyone owners of Sinumerik 800's cnc system.
    A lot of times, i saw messages, which ask "how to" enable BTR/DTR/Drip feed.
    I also saw Siemens forum, which some of members told, that this is impossible or it must be paid separately. Today, i want to finish this discussion, by my short thread.

    Ok. Let's start.
    1. Drip feed/DTR/BTR can to be enabled without any problems or magic, on: all Sinumerik 800's GA3 version.
    To do it, you must to:
    1. Go to the MD bits in manufacturer mode.
    2. Find MD5016
    3. Bit 7 must to be changed in "1" position. So, MD5016 will be look like 10000000 or 11000000 if you want to use Xon/Xoff secured transmission.
    4. Reboot machine.

    So, you will got BTR available just configure your port to get data input.

    If you have GA1/GA2, maybe, you will not have BTR in DATA IN-OUT.
    So, you will need to:
    1. Back up all data! PCP, PCA, TEA1, TEA2, Cycles, Tool change cycles, user memory and Part Program memory. ALL of them.
    2. Buy GA3 IC module. It's pretty cheap. Like this one:
    6FX1822-0BX04-2C, with correct language pack.
    3. If you didn't found it, i can to read this IC's and upload firmware, to flash your old.
    4. Reload the all data, and start machine

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    Re: Sinumerik 810m/820m/880m/850m drip feed (DTR) how to

    If you need to unlock any other options, for Sinumerik 810, please, write in PM.

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