Hello! The other day I have tried to rotate coordinate system with G59 command. It looked more or less like this ( G59 X=1 Z=150 A=0.1 not exact values). When I was using absolute values it worked as I was expecting, that is - command to move axis Z (G0 Z=value) caused small move in X direction as well. Problems occured when I wanted to apply tool offsets with D1 command, then if I moved Z axis (G0 Z=value) the X axis moved by the small expected value + the X tool offset (why?), also I could not make X axis to move. (G0 X=value) caused error 'software limit switch' (one of axis wanted to go outside of travel limits not sure) even when I set X offset to 0 and trying different values between axis limits it would not move because of that. Am I doing something wrong or it just does not work because it is not intended for lathe?

PS. I didn't use any g codes for planes 16/17/18/19 in that case but I could not make it work with any of them either, however I may just using them incorrectly .