I'm having a recurring issue with my QT-15 , 12 position turret working loose and not locating properly.
I can temporarily solve the problem by tightening the tension nut on the center spindle, but after a few weeks it's loose again.
I do tighten the pinch screws, but maybe not enough to keep the nut from backing off ?
Watching the turret as it indexes, I can see there is rotational play between the turret and spindle as if there's a key or keys that are worn allowing for the slop.
I don't want to keep tightening and tightening for fear of stripping something at the other end or God knows what.

So It would be very helpful for someone who's gone where this man hasn't to advise what perils will I get into by removing the turret to inspect the internals.
Does the turret just slip off once the center nut is removed?
How heavy are these turrets to begin with ?
What should I look for or expect to find once the turret is removed ?
Besides the slop issue, I need to figure out how to stop the coolant from squirting out where it shouldn't be. That can't be good for any internal bearings etc.
TIA for any and all replies.