Hello, after the M3 command, i would like the SMC5 wait that the spindle have reached is value before continuing. I saw a parameter on Spindle menu that say "wait for xx second before continue after M3 command" but i also saw that the pin UPF on the VFD can say to the SMC5 "i have reached the rotation speed, so you can continue"

I plug UPF on the input 3 port of the SMC5 and run a program. The port 3 is off when i run the program, the spindle start turning, port 3 still be off and once the final speed reached, the port 3 is activated so that is perfect.

the problem is i don't know where to set up "wait port 3 enable after the M3 command before continue the program" on the SMC5

please if someone have an idea, it will be very welcome
(ps: sorry for my english, i do my best so if it's not clear, feel free to tell me and i try to explain better)

thanks a lot in advance