Hello, I am moving soon and would like to sell my CNC converted HF Mini Mill (Sieg X2). Pickup only please, located in Southern California. I attached some old pics of the build, I'll post some better pics tonight. This is a very complete and compact setup, I built it to fit in a small garage so it can be easy to tuck in a corner and move whenever needed.

Lightly used conversion. I converted it about 4-5 years ago and only used it a handful of times for light diy aluminum/plastic stuff. Comes with drill chuck spindle, R8 spindle set, edge finder, milling precision vise, 20 piece end mill set, belt drive conversion, parallel bars, 123 blocks, hold down set, Lenovo laptop for with mach3 installed, beautiful CNC Fusion conversion kit with ballscrews.

Custom fan-cooled controller enclosure with Warp9 USB SmoothStepper motion control, wireless XBOX 360 controller. Everything is ready to go and you can be milling immediately with everything you need. Comes mounted to a small wooden stand with a bunch of spare parts. All motors/drivers/modules were purchased from cnc4pc.com. I spent well over $4k for all of this plus many hours or DIY.

Trying to see if anyone is interested. Asking $3,000 but it needs to be picked up by June 5.