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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Plasma, EDM / Waterjet Machines > General EDM Discussion > Sodick MM3 sinker EDM control will not power on
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    Sodick MM3 sinker EDM control will not power on

    We recently acquired a Sodick Mold Maker 3 sinker with NFII 40 control and it appears that there is an issue with the control board. I have limited experience with EDMs, but I do have most all of the books and schematics. It is possible that it's a battery on the main PC89 control board, but I don't have the procedure for checking or changing it.

    Here is what we're seeing:
    BIOS starts but throws an error: "Memory size does not match CMOS - run SETUP // Press <F1> to continue"
    {Press F1}
    Neuro Fuzzy II splash screen loads, but title turns red and it throws error: "Handle of Chinese or Japanese lib error // Press any key to continue"
    {Press any key}
    Blue Neuro Fuzzy logos appear and the control hangs. Cannot {SOURCE OFF}, and {POWER ON} clicks relays but nothing else happens:
    Attachment 458350

    I believe the book says if the BIOS says "Press <F1> to continue", then you're supposed to power down and restart.
    I have a few 3.5" disks, they look like maybe user and machine configs, also one with NF Q Routines. Starting the control with any of those in the drive prompts me to remove and restart.

    I'd appreciate any information that could help troubleshoot this problem and/or information on the machine. I don't see the NF II control discussed in many Sodick threads, is it a bastard? Or is it just a different wrapper on something like the Mark 21?

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    Re: Sodick MM3 sinker EDM control will not power on

    Although I do not have this machine, I have had the same type of issues with other brands.
    Things to check:
    - Replace battery on main board. A sign that you replaced the correct battery is that when you cycle the power, the date and time will be correct.
    - Boot into the Bios (Del key, F1, or F2, hold during bootup) or and get into the settings for the hard drive (flashdrive, main storage...etc.) and make sure it is recognizing the HD. If it can't find the HD, then it will not load the OS.
    - Make a note of the BIOS brand, version, or any numbers displayed while booting up. Then do a search for any information pertaining to that BIOS.
    - The Bios settings for the 3.5 disk, must be correctly set in order for the 3.5" disk drive to boot on start. That is if the 3.5 disks ARE bootable, they may only contain a backup of the data or settings.

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