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    Jan 2022

    software for trotec 8003 c25 sp0895

    first hello everyone.
    I have a trotec 8003 c25 sp0895,
    I need help if you like
    I have my computer which broke down and I need trotec manager or equivalent software that can make my machine work, I contact trotec and he tells me that he no longer manufactures for this model because too old but my machine works very good i just need some software to install on a new computer
    help me if you like I don't want to throw it in the trash thank you in advance

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    Re: software for trotec 8003 c25 sp0895

    Send me your email
    CNC lasers, constructions, service

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    Jan 2022

    Re: software for trotec 8003 c25 sp0895

    merci d avance cinematic si tu a tu me sauve la vie

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