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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Uncategorised CAD Discussion > Software needed to Digitize patterns with CalComp Rollup 111
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    Software needed to Digitize patterns with CalComp Rollup 111

    Gentlmen, I have a new Calcomp rollup Digitizer with stylus which is amazing however I cannot find any reasonalbly priced software that works with the digitizer.
    I am trying to trace engine gaskets so that they can be then cut on my CNC laser.

    There is a software out there that does just that but with a hefty price tag of $1500

    Can someone offer some help.

    I currently have an older paid for subscription for MasterCam
    Also have Fusion 360
    Lazy Cam
    Corel Draw
    plus a few others none of which work ..... sadly

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    Re: Software needed to Digitize patterns with CalComp Rollup 111

    Somewhere on this forum there is a sub section that seems to be exclusively used by a fellow whose principal activity is doing something very similar to what you are describing.I have a feeling he spent a lot more than $1500 to get there.My experience with digitised data is limited to taking points from a Proline digitiser and working with them to create CAD entities for machining and it worked well.The machine could output a .dxf file and by using a range of techniques to create the right kind of CAD entities passing through those points and joining/trimming them an outline was arrived at.I used Rhino for this and it does get under your price tag.I am a bit surprised none of your software will do anything useful since it isn't so far from using a calibrated mouse to generate points and then you need to create the outlines to connect them.Have you tried any online forums for each of those specific pieces of software?There has to be a fair chance that somebody will know of a $65 plug-in that could help.

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    Re: Software needed to Digitize patterns with CalComp Rollup 111

    Learn how to draw them from scratch by measuring them. Faster, easier, and free.

    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

    JointCAM - CNC Dovetails & Box Joints

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