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    Soigeneris STDR-4C 4 axis CNC stepper drive w/ Gecko 540, smoothstepper, and motors

    Complete Soigeneris STDR-4C CNC control system. Purchased new from Soigeneris in 2018 for $1,020. Was setup, used once, and has not been used since. Connects to you computer with a modern ethernet cable, not a slow, outdated parallel cable. Includes three 276oz-in N23 stepper motors and all cables. Originally setup for a Taig micro mill, but will work on Sherline, Seig, LMS, and Habor Freight mills that have been converted to CNC operation.

    $700 shipped/insured.

    From the manufacturer's website:

    The Soigeneris STDR-4C stepper drive is a full-featured, compact, 4-axis stepper drive system. A careful selection of quality components is housed in a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure. A high-quality 48V, 320W power supply feeds the stepper motors through a Gecko G540 drive. Two auxiliary power supplies are also included: a 5V supply for the SmoothStepper and a 12V supply to power external sensors. (Separate isolated power supplies maintain the signal isolation provided by the G540.)

    The design philosophy of the STDR-4C was to provide a very solid stepper drive system that was easy to use and easy to expand. We started with a heavy duty aluminum enclosure, a high-quality 48V power supply, and the venerable Gecko G540. All the signals from the G540 were brought out to the back panel to make connections easy. To keep things cool a unique thermal control baffle was used that ensures fresh, cool air is drawn in the bottom and the warm air is exhausted out the top. For systems using motors which draw more than 3A, an optional heat sink is also available for the G540.

    A large illuminated power switch starts things up and to help ensure safety, an industrial E-Stop switch was fitted. The E-Stop switch removes power from the main power supply and spindle output while maintaining power to the auxiliary supplies. Two relays were fitted, one supplies power to the spindle outlet and the other controls a set of auxiliary contacts on the back panel. Finally to provide the best performance possible a Smooth Stepper was added in.

    Feature List

    Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
    Gecko G540 4-axis stepper driver
    120VAC~240VAC Operation
    48V, 320W switch type main power supply
    12V & 5V, 5W auxiliary power supplies
    Ethernet or USB connectivity with integrated SmoothStepper
    SmoothStepper Port2 brought out to the rear panel
    Four optoisolated inputs
    Isolated VFD output
    5A, AC output for spindle motor (same voltage as mains supply)
    Industrial, Twist-release E-Stop switch
    Illuminated power switch
    Exclusive ventilation control system
    Includes DB9 connectors, USB/Ethernet cable, and power cables

    Size: 10"x10"x4"
    Weight: 10 pounds
    Power: 120VAC/10A, 240VAC/5A
    48V, 320W power supply
    12V and 5V, 5W auxiliary power supplies
    4 axis stepper drive, 3.5A per axis max
    Spindle Control: Built-in relay (5A max, ~1/2 HP)
    Auxiliary relay contacts on the rear panel
    Illuminated On/Off switch
    Industrial E-Stop switch (twist to release)
    Interface: Ethernet, USB or parallel port
    Four isolated inputs
    Isolated VFD output

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    Re: Soigeneris STDR-4C 4 axis CNC stepper drive w/ Gecko 540, smoothstepper, and moto


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