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    Unhappy SolidCam how to cancel generating job name


    I have a postprocessor(.gpp file) which generate me the job name always in format bello:

    Is there any solution to cancel this to be generated?

    I've searched all my .gpp file and nowhere is mentioned the job_name command!
    Also tryed to add to @start_of_job the job_name command and I have next result:


    So it is definitely something that auto call this.
    I've serched also in the VMID file and didn't find anything.

    Maby somebody can help me to stop this to be generated.

    Thank you all!

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    Re: SolidCam how to cancel generating job name

    Contact your Local SolidCAM Reseller and have their Post Processor department correct this this for you.

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    Re: SolidCam how to cancel generating job name

    This is output in the @message procedure.
    Use VSCode + extension https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=anzory.vscode-gppl-support. To edit it

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