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    Solidcam recommended system requirements


    What is recommended system for Solidcam?

    I want good machine for working with HSR, HSM and HSS operations.




    Intel Core i9-9900K and p1000/2000, 32gb ram will be good?

    Maybie any other xeon CPU with the same price like i7 9900K?

    Max price is around 2000€

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    Re: Solidcam recommended system requirements

    That list with the PC builds of various ranges looks like a decent guide. Only things I would say is:

    - Graphics card isn't too important, this is more of a Solidworks requirement then Solidcam. Whatever runs your Solidworks models at a good frame rate should work great in Solidcam as well. I've even used geforce cards without problem in Solidcam.
    - Make sure to actually get the NVME SSD like it suggests, Solidworks in general performs much better on NVME vs a standard SSD
    - 32GB should be plenty of RAM, I can't think of any reason anyone would use a very large assembly like a whole tractor with every nut and bolt modeled inside of a CAM program.
    - I9-9900k is a very powerful CPU. Xeon's usually cost more, they tend to be used if you have to have a high core count or need to use ECC memory.

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    Thanks for answer!

    Can you recommend me any other better CPU than i9 9900k?

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    Re: Solidcam recommended system requirements

    Greegor, hello!
    I think you don't need so much CPU, because my Core i7 HQ7700 in notebook not always loaded even by 50% with SolidCAM.

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    Is any problem, that, i working with files from dropbox?

    When i save file, CPU is on 100% for 20s, and like to freze solidcam.

    When going to calculate, hsr, hsm, hss, is cpu going on 100% for 20-30s, and then drop to 50-60%.

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