This is the new Metal Seal Design Guide from Sonkit. https://www.sonkit.cn/en/uploads/sof...ide-202106.pdf
If you have any metal seal design questions, This design guide is for you.

Sonkit is a privately-owned [metal seal](https://www.sonkit.cn/en) manufacturer founded in Shanghai in 2010. Specializes in metal seals.

The products include:

O-Ring Series:

- Metal O-Ring
- Balanced Metal O-Ring
- Spring Energized Metal O-Ring
- Gas Energized Metal O-Ring

C-Ring Series:

- Metal C-Ring
- Spring Energized Metal C-Ring
- Aluminum Metal C-Ring

Other Series:

- Metal V Ring
- Metal W Ring(E Ring)
- Metal Comma Ring Spring Energized)
- Spring Energized Metal Comma Ring

Sonkit's metal seal products are found in a broad range of industries, including the oil and gas industry, nuclear power equipment, plastic molding, chemicals, aerospace and military, semiconductor vacuum equipment, pressure pipeline equipment, and a growing number of others.

Sonkit has delivered products and solutions to over 2000 customers in over 13 countries, including Fortune 500 organizations, so far. Our goods have received widespread recognition and acclaim.

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