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    Unhappy Soon to be 6040z 4 Axis Owner.... Maybe

    So, I do a LOT of projecting and prototyping for some local companies. I mostly make things for friends neighbors, and to solve problems around the house and work. Lately I have been doing larger items, and casting them in aluminum, THEN I spend time cleaning up the flash, and making the flanges flat and to spec. Anyways, in a semi-lucid state I found a 6040Z CNC Router, with a 4th axis for a whopping $230 CDN. Im pretty exceited and scared at the same time.

    Im excited because I spend time with a few friends who own HAAS CNC machines, Their production doesnt have time for my small prjectcs and I dont have $80,000 for a HAAS. Also since I do some G-Code for them and with my 3D printer I can utilize that with my new desktop CNC. Maybe.

    Im scared becasue I bought from a place called Mikey Machineery (https://mikeymachinery.com/) which seems lagit, but I think Im screwed out of my $230. either way I think Im going to learn a lesson.

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    Re: Soon to be 6040z 4 Axis Owner.... Maybe

    When it is too good to be true, then ...

    Reviews look good, pictures are not all the same machine.

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