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    Specifications for new CNC Machine Order


    I am in the process of ordering my first(two) commercial CNC machines. I have only used smaller ones before and on the larger size (1325) I had some questions regarding set up and specifications that I would need help with while ordering.

    Main purpose of these machines is to carved designs into Solid Wooden Door Panels/Blanks. The majority of the doors would be Pine, however there would be Mahogany Doors every now and then on special orders. The designs would be relatively simple for the pine doors (a boarder and some lines carved with a V bit, However the Mahogany doors would have more intricate designs.

    1. I would like to know what type and size spindle I should be going for according the purpose above?

    2. Would a T-Sot Table be enough or should i just upgrade to a vacuum table (i assume vacuum doesn't hold solid wood doors down very well as they aren't always flat panels)

    3. I have quotations from a few suppliers: VmadeCNC, Blue Elephant, OmniCNC, Zicar, Samache and SOSN. The latter 2 are also supplying me with the rest of the workshop equipment, What would be the best suggestion for a supplier?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Specifications for new CNC Machine Order

    1. Take the fastest spindle with power capacity allowed by electrical installation of your workshop.
    2. Take combined table - suction and slots with plastic sealants around suction points.
    3. Supplier choice. Perform an investigation who is represented in your area and collect feedback from other clients.

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    Re: Specifications for new CNC Machine Order

    As with all machines,having somebody on the other end of a phone to answer your questions is a good thing.Having them in the same time zone is preferable.In the event that you have a problem that requires a visit from a technician,where will you find one?You are likely to need some training specific to the particular machine and you will need to find some software with a post processor that works.You may also find that any files you already have could be rendered useless if the configuration of the X and Y axes aren't as you are used to.If this seems an odd comment keep in mind that some machines have the X axis on the long axis of the machine and some have it across the short dimension.I have used both and I have also had to take a file and rotate all the contents 90 degrees before regenerating the toolpaths.

    Take a close look at the components used on the machine as some use top quality components throughout and some cost a bit less and have the associated limitations.

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    Re: Specifications for new CNC Machine Order

    1 Spindle
    You work should need at least 2 to 3 type different tools , first choice is HSD 9kw air cooling spindle auto tool change . second choice is 3 to 4 pcs spindle . third choice is single manual tool change spindle .
    about manual tool change spindle , air cooling spindle ,a littbe big noise , water cooling spindle defend water into ice in winter .
    power , solid wood ,suggest 4.5kw ,5.5kw bigger power .
    2 mass produce ,suggest bigger power vacuum to hold .2pcs vacuum pump etc
    custom-made order ,T slot is well ,no vacuum pump cost , noise etc .
    3 other wood woking machine ,panel saw ,edge banding , side driiling ? put them into 1 pcs 20' or 40' container .
    Finally ,cnc router , shipping and import cost budget will have a big effect for final choice now , hope i can help you ,+8618560201508.

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