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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > General CNC Machine Related Electronics > Spindle encoder causing problems with z axis dro?
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    Spindle encoder causing problems with z axis dro?

    Hi guys. So the other day, I decided it was time to try and find a way to attach a spindle encoder to my mill. After doing so, I started up the spindle to try it out, and it’s causing the z axis dro in Mach 4 to bounce around. Which makes absolutely no sense considering the xyz axis encoders are wired to the servo drives and the spindle encoder is wired to the breakout board, which are 2 completely separate components, and that the spindle motor, z axis motor, z axis encoder, and spindle encoder are all shielded and grounded. I can’t find any settings in the config menu or plug-in menu on Mach 4 that are set incorrectly or not set at all that would cause this behavior. Just to be clear, it’s not moving the actually moving the z axis, just making the coordinates bounce around so it not like the encoder is set up in Mach as an mpg. My system components are as follows. Pmdx-424 B.O.B w/pmdx-407 spindle controller, 3 gecko 320x servo drives, axis encoders are dynapar f14 incremental encoders, and the spindle encoder is going to be an older baldor encoder with similar specs as the dynapars. I have 5 of the baldor encoders and they all do the same thing so it’s not the encoder and it doesn’t have a problem then there is no encoder. So I’m lost on what the issue could be Speed of the encoder rotation doesn’t have an effect on where the numbers jump to, tho direction does. Spinning clockwise makes the number jump up around 50 thou and counter clockwise makes them drop about 10 thou and they bounce around randomly +/- 10 thou or so of the false coordinate. So any help would be great and much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Spindle encoder causing problems with z axis dro?

    Maybe check if the precision conversion of DRO is correct? and whether your linear scale supports increments of this precision.
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