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    Spindle mounted camera

    Good morning all,

    What happened to the camera/ software combo from Tormach that would allow one to scan a part and produce enough points to make a drawing .


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    Re: Spindle mounted camera

    They no longer offer that and haven't for quite a while as far as I know. As I recall, when they moved from Mach 3 to PathPilot, they did not develop anything further and it was dropped from their website. I was interested in it at the time and talked to Tormach.
    I believe at one point they intended to further develop the concept for the PathPilot environment but I don't remember if that ever happened. The digital microscope/camera and TTS mount were really expensive as I remember. I thought the idea was good, but the price wasn't feasible for me, so I dropped the idea. I would still like to have that ability on occasion. The digital microscopes are not expensive now.

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