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    Spindle Orientation Adjustment

    I have a Mitsubishi Meldas 500 Control on a Mighty USA Condor bridge type VMC. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the spindle orientation? I know some machines are mechanically adjusted and others can be adjusted through a parameter setting. I have done this before on newer Mitsubishi Control, but this one is different.

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    Figured it out myself

    After taking a close look at the spindle parameter page I discovered how to accomplish the spindle orientation adjustment on the Mitsubishi Meldas 520AMR

    Here's how it goes.....

    1) Press DIAGN-IN/OUT key
    2) Under DEVICE enter (1001) then right arrow over to MODE
    3) Under MODE enter (M)
    4) Press INPUT/CALC key. This puts you in manual mode
    5) Press TOOL/PARAM key
    6) Press MENU key until SPINDLE option appears
    7) Press the key under SPINDLE to highlight it
    8) Press the arrow key next to MENU to page down to page 6/40
    9) Locate parameter 15 OPST (deg) and parameter 16 OINP (deg)

    Note: These two parameters control the position stop and the in position range in degrees of the spindle dogs.

    10) To change values enter #(15) NO.<1> DATA(100). DATA is the new value
    Increase the number to rotate clockwise, decrease for CCW.

    11) To change parameter 16 enter #(16) NO.<1> DATA(10). My machine is set to 10 and seems to work fine.

    12) Before re-orienting the spindle with the new values remove the spindle cover to gain access to the magnetic positioning sensor. This is a small sensor pointing toward a flat shiny metal pad attached to the spindle shaft.

    13) Disconnect the lead wire connected to the orientation module and wait approx. 1 minute, then reconnect it. This remembers the new values

    14) Re-orient the spindle and you now have the new position.
    15) Now set the parameters page back to user

    16) Press DIAGN-IN/OUT key
    17) Under DEVICE enter (1001) then right arrow over to MODE
    18) Under MODE enter (U)
    19) Press INPUT/CALC key. This puts you back in user mode


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    Thanks, you just saved me countless hours trying to figure this out on my own.


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    spindle orientation keeps changing casusing tools to jam??!!!

    I am having troubles finding the positioning sensor in my machine I have the meldas 520 controls on a daewoo ace v 50, my problem is that the tool changer was working fine but then all of a sudden it changed a tool and I noticed the tool wasn't all the way up in the spindle and discovers that my spindle orientation was off and every time I would shut machine off I would m19 it and the spindle orientation would change? I've adjusted the parameters and it worked for a bit but then screwed up again? Any ideas on what would cause that? I've also replaced the spindle encoder with a used one and that seemed to help but within a couple tool changes it went back to messing up? Thanks chase

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    Hi. I have a mitsubishi meldas 64. How to Set M19?

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    Re: Spindle Orientation Adjustment

    Need help!!!! How to Set M19 (spindle orientation) in the Mitsubishi Meldas 64

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