Hi Folks!

I'm mid-way through a bearing replacement on a Colombo spindle and am a bit stumped (yes, I'm aware this is something that's typically done by a shop) . The teardown until this point has been pretty straightforward but I'm at a point I can't seem to get past. I've attached photos of progress, I believe my next step is to remove the pin-wrench style lock nut on the very top of the shaft at this point (the wide nut with two holes). I've given it a lot of muscle in either direction with no love, as well as some whacks with a hole punch as hard as I care to without damaging it with no movement. If this looks familiar at all to anybody I would very very much appreciate any tips. I'm happy to mangle the lock nut and replace it on reassembly, however I'm concerned there's a possibility it is a clockwise removal. Any tips on this step or any others are very appreciated! I'm at a bit of a loss.

Spindle is Colombo RA RC 135.22

Thank you