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Thread: Sprutcam 7

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    Sprutcam 7

    I have Sprutcam 7 . Had it for years and never figured it out . So, I am wondering if I can find a Sprutcam user within 50 miles of Toledo who would be interested in tutoring me to get me started ? I am 89 years old and would like to learn this stuff and use it before I kick the bucket .
    I know that I can watch videos etc. but the people doing these videos do not seem to understand that they are not really explaining what each step is. So , if anyone out there would like to tutor me , I will pay , if it is not exorbitent .

    Thanks ,
    Ernie Deutschman


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    Re: Sprutcam 7

    Search YouTube you might find several tutorials for that CAM software

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    Re: Sprutcam 7

    Most of the people that do youtube stuff wave the curser all over the place , do not speak distinctly enough for me ,as a hearing impaired person , to understand .

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    Re: Sprutcam 7

    Ooh, v7 older, it is not easy to study, try 11.5, ok, I am 80 years old.

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