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    Cool square pockets

    I have been unable to get an almost square in my attempts to make a small piano keyboard I use bone as
    the material for the keyboard and ebony wood for the keys for a jewelry piece i need to square up the pocket as much as possible for the aesthetic and for the fit of the inlay.
    Here are pics of what happens when the cnc machine is cutting the pockets.
    I am more of a crafter than a machinist and would appreciate help.

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    Re: square pockets

    Your pics didn't seem to attach, so it's difficult to say what your problem is. What pocket are you referring to? Is this a hole in something for the bone inlay, or a hole in the bone for the ebony? What happens when you tell it to make a square pocket?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: square pockets

    You can't attach files until you've made a certain amount of posts on the site.
    Put pics on a host site such as imgur.
    Then post the link address to that in here so we can then see it.

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    Re: square pockets

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