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    St-pmc1 single axis controller

    Hello I was wondering if anybody has any links to more programming examples or could possibly help me generate a program for this. I got everything wired up.

    I've made a lot of CNC machines ????.

    Well we're trying to use this for is a grinder feed-down system so the hydraulic table moves back and forth and it hits a switch on one side and I want this to feed down x amount of steps everytime it hits switch and repeat that say 10 times then return to zero.

    Example 3 in the manual kind of tells you what to do with j-bit and loops but it's really confusing me lol

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    Re: St-pmc1 single axis controller

    This kinda works was hoping to use input pin vs run pin

    00 OUT 010n
    01 PAUSE
    02 SPEED
    03 G-LEN
    04 LOOP 01 00010
    05 OUT 000N
    06 GOTO 000000
    07 END

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    Re: St-pmc1 single axis controller

    I used this unit on a project and it worked as long as you stay with simple tasks. Things got more complex and I converted the controller to Arduino, actually Teensy. Now it sits in a drawer.

    I wrote notes in the manual for example 3.
    Three commands are key:
    03 J-bit 11 1 0. Means jump to 11 if in1=0
    09 loop 03 00000. Loop back to 03.
    So your looping infinitely
    11 goto 00000000. Goto home. meaning this is where you go from 03.

    Not sure why it doesn’t jump to line 10 instead of 11 so you can set speed first.

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