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    Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Tube

    Wedge wire screen tube is made of welding V-shaped profile wire by Wrapping Cylindrically around support rods under automatic specialized wedge wire screen machine. Each profile wire and support rod is contacted by resistance welding. Support wire can be inside or outside according to flow direction ,wedge wire screen tube’s slot range from 0.2 to 5mm.

    Wedge Wire Screen Tube Material
    When select stainless steel grade that must endure corrosive environments, austenitic stainless steels are typically used. The most common types of stainless steel for welded wire screen are grades 304 304L 316 316L.

    Wedge Wire Screen Tube Specifications
    Slot size: 0.2 mm to 5 mm
    Pipe diameter : 25 mm to 2500 mm
    Pipe length : up to 12 m
    For more details,please email us.

    Wedge Wire Screen Tube End Types
    Wedge wire screen tubes have different edge types to suit different applications, which includes,but not limit to the following
    Common type
    Ring type
    Threaded type
    Flange type

    Wedge Wire Screen Tube Application
    Power plants
    Fish hatcheries &Desalination plants
    Firefighting &Drainage channels
    Potable water and Drinking water plants
    Desalination plants
    Water intake &water treatment
    Oil-water separation
    sugar process &rotating pulping
    water well production,
    food and beverage,
    oil and gas,
    pulp and paper,
    mineral and aggregate processing,
    refining and petrochemical.

    V type wire, no plugged
    No move part, simple to install
    Low maintenance costs
    Economical and applicable type, long life
    Cost effective
    High precision sizes
    High mechanical strength, lightweight construction
    Excellent filtration performance
    Minimizes clogging
    Maximum flow rates
    Resistant to temperature variations

    For more details,please contact us

    Web Wire Mesh CO.,LTD

    Tel: +86031189255081



    Email: [email protected]

    Address:East Zone of Industry Park,Hebei,China
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