I'm running 10ga thru 14 ga stair pans on a 5' press. We have a larger 14' press but prefer to run all stair pans on the small one. ( its much faster and more consistent)

We are having problems keeping the pans square from end to end. The profile dimensions match on each end and in the middle but when you stand them on end and put a square down the nose of the bend we are 1/8" out over 24" so -- 1/4" out over 4'

The bottom V dye is centered with the nose dye and it is secured to not move. I've watched from the end of the machine and there is no play between the two dyes. The dyes appear to be straight ( pulled a line)

The blanks have been sheared square no more than 1/32 to 1/16 at most out of square.

They ends are bending within a degree of each other and like I said the legs match end to end within 1/16" Any ideas what the problem could be? The nose dye is pretty old but it's still straight.