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    Nov 2021

    Steel frame/gantry design..

    Doing up a dedicated skateboard cnc. This one will get a 2.2kw spindle and a .6kw.
    The primary spindle will profile the deck, secondary will drill truck mount holes. The last build only did popsicle sized decks, this one will cut up to a 44" x 12" longboard. Any constructive comments?

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    Re: Steel frame/gantry design..

    Have you tried mounting anything to those trucks and seeing how well it slides? Hot-rolled steel (even before it's welded) is not usually flat enough to mount profile rails to directly without modification, although some are more forgiving than others. What did you do to ensure that both of the rails of each axis are in the same plane?
    Andrew Werby

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    Nov 2021

    Re: Steel frame/gantry design..

    If you are referring to the gantry trucks, yes.

    I used a 1/4" plate with 4 trucks mounted to it to align the beams while welding. I have a flat welding table with dog holes in it that accompany clamps and dogs that help keep things square.. With a little technique it isn't to hard to keep things straight. Again this makes skateboards only. If the rails run smoothly we are good. And yes on checking each axis being on the same plane. I wouldn't make any airplane parts on it but it will knock out skateboards all day..This is a low dollar unit. I have made a unit with an extruded frame over a steel frame. This unit will fill the bill...

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