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    Step 7 Sample Program for Sinumerik 840D

    Greetings everyone,

    I have a Sinumerik 840D (NCU 573.4) and an MMC103 along with Step 7 and the toolbox V6.5 add-on as well. I am able to power up the Sinumerik 840D and communicate through the PLC portion of the NCU. I can also communicate through the NCU using the MMC103. So far everything is working, except that I can't figure out how to create the program for it using Step 7. I keep getting the alarm 2001: PLC has not started up on the MMC103. When I was looking in the diagnostics manual it was telling me that I need to configure the MD 10120 to the OB1. I'm new to programming the Sinumerik so I basically need a sample project to work with so I can learn how to use the code. Does anyone have Step 7 project that I can use for the Sinumerik 840D?

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    The Step 7 programming is for the ladder logic that controls functions of the machine but not the motion of the machine. Machining programming is done through G code programs like any other CNC. Creating a PLC program for a machine is usually done by the machine tool builder specifically for that machine. Based on your description of the hardware I have to assume you bought this used? It sounds like you need some machine configuration work done on it. If you are in the US, you can call Siemens tech support at 800-879-8079 to get more explain action on the alarm. They won't be able to provide a sample project but may be able to better diagnose what you would need to do.

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    Re: Step 7 Sample Program for Sinumerik 840D

    Hi, does anyone can help me with the ToolBox Software
    Is there any link where I can Download it?

    I have a Sinumerik 808D and I need to change something on the PLC program


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