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    Stepper driver too powerful for motor

    I have an application that requires a very high resolution on the Z-axis that my current table top CNC milling machine cannot achieve. I plan to use a motorized stage from Thorlabs (scientific equipment): LNR25ZFS. I was hoping to just have to connect the stepper motor to the driver of my current Z-axis (Leadshine DM556E) but I think the driver might be too powerful for the motor. The driver specs state a min. output current of 1.8A and the motor is rated for 0.25A current per phase (see full motor specs here).
    Did I interpret the specs correctly? If I need to use a smaller driver, can someone recommend one appropriate for this tiny motor?

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    Re: Stepper driver too powerful for motor

    It did list a "required driver" so I think for the cost of the stages you would be better sticking to their driver But I don't think it will be suitable for normal CNC use. It looks like its a smart driver with S curve (jerk limiting) acceleration profiles built in which implies it is more for industry than CNC.
    Rod Webster

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