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    Stepper motor controller+driver SMC02

    Hello, maybe some one can tell me , how can i connect a foot pedal swich , to the SMC02 controller, so i can control the stepper motor rotation CW and CCW by foot??

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    Re: Stepper motor controller+driver SMC02

    If you reverse the polarity of either one of the two windings of a twp phase stepper you will reverse its rotation.

    All you require is a double throw-double pole switch in the pair of leads to one winding.


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    Re: Stepper motor controller+driver SMC02

    >>> If you reverse the polarity of either one.....

    Ya, but..... A lot of motor drivers are not going to like that, meaning you could burn them up in a hurry. I dont think many people are familiar with your pulse generator (SMC02), so you might have to crack one open and look at the wiring to the CW/CCW buttons on the front panel. Hopefully you could parallel into them. I'd guess because they have two separate buttons for the function, you might need to parallel in two similar momentary switches in a foot pedal. I dont think it will be a situation where polarity is changed.

    I have used quite a few of the DKC-1A units (similar unit to yours on Amazon) for interesting projects. The DKC-1A does use a simple non momentary for direction change if by chance you want to try a different pulse generator.
    Chris L

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