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    Stepper Motor Demagnetization

    Hope the community can help make some suggestions...

    We have a small device using a 8mm diameter micro stepper motor out in the field, and some have come back demagnetized. I'm under the impression that demagnetization can happen if a stepper is disassembled (this is not the case for us), or if there is an over current (which we need to test for), or if there the motor is subjected to a large magnetic field.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a good sense of scale, and most stepper motor advice comes from people with experience with much larger magnet motors. Are smaller motors more susceptible to demagnetization, and why? Looking for root causes of the failures.

    Are there other possible sources of failure?

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    Re: Stepper Motor Demagnetization

    What "field" are you sending this device into? Is there a MRI machine in it? A tokamak? If not, it's probably overcurrent: see this article for hints: https://www.motiongoo.com/article/re...s-of-magnetism
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Stepper Motor Demagnetization

    When I wrote field, I meant just out in current use - not magnetic field. Drive systems are housed in a small plastic housing, and the device is handheld/battery powered and runs very slowly (like steps per minute).

    Sorry for the confusion.

    I did see that article thanks. What we don't understand his how much overcurrent, or how much magnetic field or how much heat would affect the magnets. Since this is a small motor, I would assume it's more sensitive to current and magnetic field - but how much would be needed to demagnetize?

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    Re: Stepper Motor Demagnetization

    8mm, that is an extremely small motor, I have never had experience with that small a motor, but if this is a production device, I would think some empirical testing would be advisable, with due consideration to the environment they are being used in.
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    Re: Stepper Motor Demagnetization

    Magnets dont like heat - neodymium magnets can permanently loose part "power" if exposed to temperatures over 80 Celsius.
    See: https://www.supermagnete.de/eng/faq/...nets-withstand

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