Recently and just out of nowhere one of the stepper motors started to act odd. I turned off/on and still not working. I then thought the motor was just broke so I change the motor, same issue.

It seems as if its overstepping and no matter what I have tried I cannot get this to work.
As I have changed all other parts I have ruled them out so it can now only be an issue with the software.

I then all the other parts one at a time from an old laser i have (the same brand just arrived broke so refunded and use for spares) so its now basically had all parts changed and is essentially a new laser, this makes me think there is an error with the software

I have tried to add the video but it keeps telling me its too large (5mb) so here's a youtube link

I have also added pictures of my settings in case this may help

I appreciate any help as its driving me mad