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    Steppers wont drive with omio x8m

    I cannot move the steppers on my new omio x8m. I added their plugins and other files to mach3. Mach3 connects to the board but I can only control spindle.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Steppers wont drive with omio x8m

    Are you sure you put the plugin into the right folder in Mach 3.
    Did go throught the Quickstart guide and configure Mach3's inputs and outputs?

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    Jun 2019

    Re: Steppers wont drive with omio x8m

    I believe I copied the files right(read and tried several times). Omio ended up sending me the pins and I configured it with those(I could not find them in quickstart guide I got). So it runs now.


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