Hi, new to stone fabrication but I got a budget to build a CNC machine to mill granite and as a non-required goal to also engrave simple reliefs on leftover pieces. The build of the frame and motion system are nearing completion but I'm finding it hard to find any accredited information on how to choose abrasive finger bits. I would trial and error my way through a variety of bits if they weren't so expensive for someone starting off. I'm using a 110V 2.2kw water cooled spindle with RPM's up to 24,000. Its collets can hold a shank up to 13mm or 1/2" but I'm prepared to order an adapter from a machine shop if absolutely necessary. I heard some people mention coring finger bits, a blend between the bits used to drill straight into granite and the long fingered bits that are intended to only cut horizontally on slabs but these things are as rare as unicorns for me to fine. Any advice is greatly appreciated!