Hi guys,

I have inductive NPN NC sensors for homing and limit (shared).

When Z axis do the homing procedures, it doesn't backoff enough (and/or quick enough), so the axis backs off until a tiny zone in witch the switch triggers on and off.

All cables are shielded and grounded on one side, this happens even with VFD disconnected, and when the spindle is at maximum the switches doesn't trip. Debounce at 2500.

I tried a VB script to back off more, moving fast the homed axis away, up to the Axis absolute machine zero (I have homing offesets). And however this is something I would like to have apart from preventing the Z issue.

I tried a script found on the internet and the Z works ok (in fact, the entire homing goes ok, each axis homes and then moves away fast).

But after performing this script, the controller doesn't allow me to ZERO the axis and doesn't accept MDI commands. In order to fix this I have to push RESET several times (sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't).

A axis is non rotary and slaved to Y, each with his own homing switch.

Code used:

DoButton( 24 ) 'Ref Z

    While IsMoving
    Code " G53 G0 Z0 " 'moves Z to machine 0
    While IsMoving
    DoOEMButton(135) 'Zero Z
DoButton( 22 ) 'Ref X

    While IsMoving
    Code " G53 G0 X0 " 'moves X to machine 0
    While IsMoving
    DoOEMButton(133) 'Zero X

DoButton( 23 ) 'Ref Y
DoButton( 25 ) 'Ref A

    While IsMoving
    Code " G53 G0 Y0 " 'moves Y to machine 0
    While IsMoving
    DoOEMButton(134) 'Zero Y
It's like it remains hanging in a While IsMoving, or something. Later I'll try mess around with a friend who used VBA a lot in the past.

Attached: XML config file and some screenshots.


Mach 3
Version R3.043.062

Win 10 x64

NUVM V2 Controllor with latest plugin

DM542 stepper drivers, 200°/rev steppers ; 2000 steps per millimeter

A axis slaved to Y axis,