We have a Strippit LVD Turret Punch Press 1250 / H20 that we have been trying to diagnose. It would run a program to the point of a tool change, then hang on subroutine M999 (maybe M99?). If we run it in dry run mode, it will make it through the entire program just fine.

There are no error codes associated with it. The ram is working fine. It will punch, so that isn't a problem. We have double checked all the tooling. We replaced a servo based on LVD's recommendation to no avail. There is no sign of a short, we are getting proper voltages across the board. No apparent event occurred to make this happen (meaning it didn't crash, or get struck by lightning, etc.).

If anyone has seen a Strippit/LVD punch press just stop running a program, without any error code, and everything appearing to be working ok, please let me know.

If you are willing to travel, we are located in Delaware, Ohio, ~20 miles North of Columbus.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for your time!