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    Structural Webinar Covering DSTV Files

    I work as a specialist with a Robotic Plasma Cutting System. I've spent some time in the structural world as a machinist, boot-camped for a few programming languages, and now have the pleasure to work with a team who designs and builds these systems.

    I'm hosting a webinar for fabricators interested in implementing these methods into their production. Maybe you want to learn more about it, maybe you think it is too complex to integrate into your shop, maybe you just want something to learn related to CNC. The goal in the webinar is to explain what is found inside the script of the DSTV file and show how shops are fully utilizing it. We don't get too advanced for this session, simply starting out with the basics for multiple common operations. This information is versatile with all systems like the one I work with. Hopefully the information in our webinar will bring some value to you and the plans you have for your shops.

    Upcoming Webinar Sessions - Beamcut Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems


    Webinar contents:
    Using a Wide-Flange Beam for reference, a breakdown of what you’ll see inside the files script
    Identifying different operations, locations, & pathing
    Loading our file into the machine
    Ways to create, convert, and view the file
    Review the overall ability of this file type
    Tips and tricks showing how to maximize the efficiency with your material using DSTV

    Webinar dates:
    May 7th at 10am EST
    May 14th at 10am EST
    May 21st at 12pm EST

    Hope to see some of you there. Looking forward to engaging with those of you in the industry and answering questions.

    -Adam Benmusa

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    Re: Structural Webinar Covering DSTV Files

    Are you going to do this class again in the near future? does it cover changing the tools plane (like an angle hole)?

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    Re: Structural Webinar Covering DSTV Files

    Thanks a lot
    It is interesting for me

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