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    STV SparX4800 CNC - Nevada - What a ride!

    Hello to everyone!!
    Ok, so I'm on an adventure. Ive been doing some serious shopping on the purchase of a 4x8 plasma cnc. The STV SparX4800 has made the short list. Here is my concern. They are requesting a 50% deposit before putting us in the order queue. I'm a small Canadian shop at the moment operating with small budget liquidity month over month until we can shift into higher production and Ive been burned creatively outsourcing my cutting to a nearby metal supply store, Ive caught them cutting and selling my designs.
    So. Thats why we need the rig. BUT...has anyone had any experience with STV in Nevada? If so Id like to hear more about it before I hand them thousands of dollars I cannot afford to lose to a company potentially close to insolvency.
    Also if you have an stv rig...tell me more about your experience with it! How's the software? What was assembly like? And what about parts? Any issues with breakage?
    Thanks a ton to anyone taking the time to read this far and respond.

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    Re: STV SparX4800 CNC - Nevada - What a ride!

    I would not put 50% down on any machine before it's built.

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    Re: STV SparX4800 CNC - Nevada - What a ride!

    No one? I am looking at them also, but being in socal, i think i will insist on driving to their shop and buying it loaded on my truck. Its hard to trust anyone anymore, especially with that much money. Im surprised no one here has any experience with them.

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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