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    StyleCNC Router Vacuum Pumps

    We recently purchased a StyleCNC router with vacuum table and it came with two generic vacuum pumps which do a good job at holding down a solid 4x8 sheet but doesn't really hold anything down after it's been cut. When the pump runs it is exhausting hot air back into our warehouse and it smells like a car exhaust. Although I'm told by the company that it does not emit any harmful gases, it sure does smell like a car exhaust and we are concerned with the fumes. Are vacuum pumps suppose to emit fumes like this? It smells like burning oil and we are having to leave the garage bay fully open for ventilation when using our machine.

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    Re: StyleCNC Router Vacuum Pumps

    I guess that it should be 2 pcs China dry 2.2kw vacuum pump 220v1 phase ?
    smells like burning oil. how long you have been use ? just confrim correct motor working driection .
    vacuum hole middle area vacuum should be better , the outside vacuum effect will be less , maybe adjust your design ,or check seal line etc .

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