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    Suggestions on linear rails

    Hi there, I was looking for help/ suggestions on what size and type of linear rails to get for my diy cnc router build. I'm building a mechmate router. Im making it very heavy. The base table is made and weighs around 1600lbs. The x distance is 125" and the y is 58".
    I'll mainly be cutting wood with perhaps some aluminum.
    I believe 25 mm square rail is the basic configuration I want. Is there a good Chinese seller on eBay I should use? I don't need the most high end rails. Thanks for your help

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    Re: Suggestions on linear rails

    1)Use 25mm rail is fine.
    2)Seems the length you are need are too longer for internation shipment,as far as know,if ship by express for door to door service,the longest package length are not more than 3000mm,and the 125" are in 3175mm already.
    If not prefer use end jointed rails,maybe it is better to buy from local market.

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