USB must be familiar to everyone, but USB does have many restrictions when used on FANCU. The specific ones are as follows:

(1) For USB memory, please use USB VER1.0.

(2) Only one USB memory can be recognized, but the USB hub cannot be recognized.

(3) The maximum length of recognized file names and folder names is 32 characters.

(4) There are up to 6 identifiable folder layer groups.

(5). The maximum number of files that can be recognized for each file is increased to 512.

(6). USB cannot be used for DNC processing.
(7). It is impossible to use the program in the USB to schedule the operation.

(8). External subroutines cannot be used to call programs in the M198 USB memory.

(9) Memory card program execution identification cannot be applied to USB memory.

(10). The screen bitmap data output in the screen hard copy will be output to the root folder.

(11) On the FANUC system, USB is 2.0 instead of 3.0