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    SV-503/40 alarm 410 z-axis

    The machine is a SV-503/40 with fanuc 18i-m model a

    The alarm 410 for z-axis will randomly pop up when I unlock the door or m30 is commanded in a program and the z-axis brake is engaged.

    I increased parameter 1829 value a few hundred after observing what the value at DGN was hitting and that seemed to help a lot.

    fanuc troubleshooting manual says to check DGN G126 bits 0-7 for '1' when axis is clamped and i get only zeros

    can I just increase the parameter 1829 value until this problem goes away without any undesirable side effects? are there any common issues i can check or should i just follow the trouble shooting flowchart?

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    Re: SV-503/40 alarm 410 z-axis

    probably the brake or timing belt issue.

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