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    Syil X4 LinuxCNC settings

    I purchased a Syil X4 for a pretty good price recently that did not come with the PC with Mach 3 on it. Rather than pay $200 for outdated software, I am going to try to get linuxCNC working. I have read through the manual and have the pinouts for the parallel port and was about to start entering my settings and thought I would ask the community first whether anybody already has the settings?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Syil X4 LinuxCNC settings

    Mach 3 is $200 and all it does when you purchase is allow you to run more than 50 lines of gcode at a time. And actually there's a limit of 10,000 lines unless you buy the commercial version. It really sucks the only way around this is to divide your code files into 50 line chunks and then have a macro that loads and continues an operation your trying to run. Pretty ghetto if you ask me

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