Hi all,

I have a chinese router with Syntec 6mb controller, it took a while to get used to Syntec but everything seems to be working now.

i am getting some apparently random issues with the tool length compensation function G43 and G49 to cancel. But I am not entirely sure if I am doing it properly. Let me share the process in case you see something wrong:

Everytime I change a bit on the ATC I will do a tool length measure which is stored on the tool size table. All those stored values are negative and measure the distance from Z0 –home is at the top of the Z axis lenght- and the tool length probe

When I load a new sheet with different thickness than the previous one, I will bring any of the tools which has been measured before and position the tip right over the top side of the sheet and do a Z delta measurement which will update the Z offset to a positive value measuring the distance between the tool length probe Z position and the top of my sheet.

In my gcode I will have the following

M06 T02 // change tool
G43 H02 // use tool length compensation value stored on tool 2 position
…do cuts
G49 // cancel tool length compensation

This would normally work fine but sometimes a tool seems that is not using the G43 lenght compensation and depth is incorrect. Everything goes back to normal when I change to tool 1 and repeat the process described above.

I am doing something wrong?

Many thanks!