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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > TB6600 drivers run hot in standby
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    TB6600 drivers run hot in standby

    Hi all,

    I am currently experimenting with different stepper motor drivers. I was very happy with the CW-5045 units, but unfortunately they are a bit bulky. So I looked for something smaller, and found these drivers:


    While they drive my steppers quite good, they do in standby unfortunately draw almost 50W of energy (from a 36V regulated power supply, Stepper Motor is a NEMA 23HS22-2804S rated 2.8A), if I leave the ENA pin open. If I pull ENA to ground after a movement, the power draw halves, so "only" 28W contribute to the global warming problem.
    The CW-5045 do always remain cool, so they seem to shut themselves almost entirely off when the motor is not moving, I measure about 8W in standby.

    28W power draw in standby ... Is this normal behaviour for a TB6600 based design?

    Thnx, Armin.

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    Re: TB6600 drivers run hot in standby

    Are the motors completele deenergized (can be rotated freely) when you pull the ENA low?

    Is 28W the power consumption of each TB6600, or the total for all three/four of them?

    How much power do the drivers draw with the motors disconnected? (Caution: do not disconnect/reconnect motors with the power on.)

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    Re: TB6600 drivers run hot in standby

    A hazard of TB6600 drivers is that they are often counterfeit. Does your driver claim 32:1 microstepping? If so, it is likely a fake and probably using a lesser driver chip like the TB67S109AFTG in my tear down. Those chips are only good for about 2/3 of the current that the TB6600 is rated for.

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