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    TBC 426 seems to ignore pocket-table

    Anyone have experience with using pocket-tables in TNC426? I managed to find a machineparameter to define the size of the pocket-table and to change the default size of TOOLS.T so i can store all my tools with correct offsets

    The problem is that the TNC ignores the pocket-table and only read the tooltable. So if I Set pocket 20 to toolnumber 250 and make a toolcall T20 it rotate the magazine to pocket 20 and reads offsets from tool 20 in the tooltable.
    Not what I want..

    If I call tool 250 it reacts as a toolcall T0 (same as when calling a toolnumber bigger then the tooltable)

    when changing MP7480 to 4 or 6 (Send pocket and toolnumber to plc) it reads in tooldata for tool 250 but changes toolnumber for pocket 0 to 250 and reacts as I called tool 0 (or a tool not in tooltable)

    The idea is to be able to store more than 21 tools in the machine instead of having all the tool-lengthts etc on a note togheter with the tool in the toolrack.

    The ideal scenario would be to be able to call tools with its toolnumber and have a corresponding tooltable in our cam-system. But if whe have to renumber them to fit tha pocket table it would also make our lives a bit easier with ~100 rigged tools outside the machine that we have to keep track of

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    Re: TNC 426 seems to ignore pocket-table

    The PLC program processes the data. The PLC determines the operation.

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