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    Technical Advantages of Wood Pallet Making Machine

    Wood pallet making machine is a kind of efficient and economical equipment for making use of the waste wood shaving, wood chip, tree branch, sawdust, wood log, etc. It is now widely used by wood pallet production factory.
    Wood Pallet Making Machine Technical Advantages:
    1)Low moisture content, usually controlled within 6%-8%, non-hygroscopic and non-deformation while using;
    2)Stable dimension, light weight, and non-warped;
    3)Higher dimension precision of the molded product, the specially designed stiffener ensures the strength and fabrication precision of the product;
    4)A constant strength and stiffness can be kept, thus the self natural defect of wood is eliminated in the molding process. And also the strength is higher than the product combined by traditional board;
    5)The compressed wood pallet weight is 50% lighter than solid wood tray products;
    6)The surrounding round corner design prevents the destruction during the packaging and transportation. Automatic binding processing can be accomplished and operation time is saved;
    7)Multiple compressed molded wood pallets can be piled up together, 50 pallets is about 7 feet tall. Static load is 10 times of dynamic load. The forklift can scoop up the pallets from four sides. The dynamic load can be 4000kg, static load can be 1500kg;
    8)The compressed wood pallet was formed one time under high temperature and high pressure, standard size, without metal materials in the pallets.The pallet is waterproof, insect prevention, and protection against termites, antisepticises and do not easy to burn;
    9)Able to satisfy the shipping of imports and exports, no need for fumigation technology;
    10)Wood processing residues, waste wood and low grade lumber can be used for processing;
    11)The molded compressed wood pallet is environment-friendly, and recycleable, reuse and low pollution can be realized. The recovery ratio is as high as 100%;
    12)The compressed wood pallet price is cheaper than the traditional coniferous wood or broad-leaved wood;
    13)Take the environmental protective urea-formaldehyde glue as cementing compound to directly mould the wood shavings and the wood fiber;
    14)Every standard Container ark loan can contains about 100 pallets, which minimize user’s transportation charges;
    15)The same number of molded wood pallets or compressed wood pallets saves three-quarters of the space than the ordinary wooden pallet. The forklift can carry 60 pallets one time, while only 18-20 ordinary wooden pallets one time.
    Wood Pallet Making Machine designed by Paimo has gone through three generations update, which solved the system stability problem of first generation, scope of raw materials problem of second generation and daily capacity problem of third generation. Now, this machine has reached a state of high stable system, varied material, including sawdust, bamboo sawdust, wood shavings etc.,or fiber crops as cotton straw, hemp stalk, sugar cane bagasse etc., And single machine daily capacity has reached 205pcs.


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    Re: Technical Advantages of Wood Pallet Making Machine

    Thanks for information.

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    Re: Technical Advantages of Wood Pallet Making Machine

    Thank you for your comments and contributions. I appreciate this.
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